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Combined with years of equine nutritional experience, we offer a treat that is both tantalizing and nutritionally beneficial. Our products are offered in select stores, available online and for delivery or pick up.



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Our horse treats are made from the finest of ingredients. We offer three tasty flavors; Whinny Wafers, Slobber Drops and Rice-A-Pony. They are made with all natural ingredients and loaded with many of the essential elements and unrefined oils desired by the top horse breeders and trainers today. The unrefined oils used in these treats are 20% more digestible than ordinary corn and vegetable oils. It has also been shown that these essential oils improve hair coat gloss, in addition to stabilizing blood sugar.

Finest Ingredients

Finest Ingredients

Finest Treats

The founding of "All Natural Horse Treats" - Founder and Creator,  Johnna Stevens' story


Our horse farm is located in the beautiful and picturesque prairie lands of southeast Thurston County, Washington State.


We are a facility that is continuing to grow everyday and we have dedicated our lives to the betterment and well being of our animals. In doing so, we have specifically designed wonderful; natural treats for the health and happiness of all equines.


Our facility began in 1993 when I inherited a beloved family horse, "Cougar Mountain". I would make Cougar an oatmeal breakfast which included apples, carrots, raisins and LOTS of brown sugar. I truly enjoyed listening to him smacking and slurping the wonderful mixture. Cougar died at the ripe old age of 37. Of course, I miss my boy; but I know that the treats and supplements I made for him not only made him happy, but hopefully extended his life as well. I decided that I wanted to share that experience with others by making a nutritious treat that all horses would love and benefit their health. 


So the story begins.

Johnna Stevens

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