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our satisfied customers

our satisfied customers

"Johnna, I had to put my mare, Sheba down yesterday due to founder and degenerative suspensory desmitis. I wanted to say thank you for making such a fine product. Her Rice-a-Pony treats brought her joy while she was in immense pain and she enjoyed them until the very end. Thank you." - KL 


"Johnna I wanted to let you know that my dogs also looooove your cookies a new group to market." - BH


"Got the treats last night. Wasn't too sure because he did a lot of funny stuff with his mouth and dropped pieces but he ate three of them. Today he went for them like he was starving and looked for more. So SUCCESS!! He loves them. I like them too, it is nice to be able to break them in half and give him half at a time. Thank you so much for doing this." - KW


"Johnna, Please share my story with others. I think it would be good for all livestock not just horses. I wanted to let you know the sheep loved the treats." - KD (own one mini horse and two sheep)


"I forgot to mention in my e-mail about the show that it was a good thing I brought a bag of your (magic) cookies with me to the showgrounds. The stalls at the fairgrounds are crummy -- you have to step way down from the aisle to the stall and the horses often hate them. The ONLY thing that got DeLorean to go in the stall for the entire show was holding one of your cookies out for him -- carrots, other cookies, grain -- none of those worked, but your cookies were worth braving the big drop!" - JC


"I gave a Rice-A-Pony cookie to one of my horses who absolutely will not eat any treats including carrots, apples, horse cookies, sugar, etc. He LOVED it! They must taste and smell really, really good. I was tempted to try it myself but he wanted the second one too!" - HM


"Hi Johnna, Regalo says Thank You so much for her treats for her 7th Birthday, she really enjoyed them and would have eaten every single one if I had allowed her too. That was so nice of you to send her treats and share with me her “birth story”. I gave her her present after our ride, she had a great day and we had just finished our best ride ever! I gave her love and hugs from you as well! She sends you some slobber." - JS


"I bought Rice-a-Pony treats for my horse and she LOVED them! Thanks for making such a great product." - KL


"I have to say, my horses will do ANYTHING for these horse treats! The BEST EVER!!!!" - LY


"Met "Brighton's Mom" at the barn last night and she said Brighton spits out all other horse treats. :) She had a large bag of Slobber Drops and wasn't sharing :( " - KS


"It was So fun to be with her and Jen yesterday. Johnna Stevens made some lip smackin' good horsey treats, fed by  hand bravely by Lexi and which Ebony "Popcorn" chowed down with Gusto!" - JS


"My boy, Bert, absolutely loves his Slobber Drops! He was thrilled when I came back from a trip to Washington with  a  bag just for him! Keep up the good work Johnna!" -  JW


"Thank you! [The All Natural Horse] Treats (Rice-A-Pony) are awesome for my IR (Insulin Resistant) pony. So nice to  have something special to give him, he loves them!" - KW, Conneticut

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